Croc Midas Gold 49.3 sq.ft (92"x78") 3.0 oz

Croc Midas Gold 49.3 sq.ft (92"x78") 3.0 oz

100% Genuine Cowhide Embossed Leather (Crocodile): Croc Midas Gold

This beautiful bright metallic gold embossed leather is exceptional with its distinct texture, feel, color and quality.  This hide is soft and pliable with an approximate weight: 2.7 - 3.0 oz/sq.ft & approximate thickness: 1.1-1.2 mm.  

·Name: Croc Midas Gold

·Color: Midas Gold

·Size: Approx. 7'8x 7'1 (92”L x 90”W) *Has 48"L x 16"W Croc Shape Blemish. See pictures.

·Texture: Croc Embossed

·Finish: Semi-Gloss

·Feel: Soft

·Quality: Premium Full Grain

·Approx Weight: 2.7 - 3 oz / sq ft

·Approx Thickness: 1.1-1.2 mm

This hide can be used for a wide range of things. Some are listed below:

*Bags     *Book Covers   *Boots   *Bracelets     *Coats      *Corsets     *Costumes *Firearm Cases   *Gloves/Mittens     *Handbags    *Hats       *Hat Bands *Home Décor      *Jackets     *Jewelry                               *Light Weight Chaps / Chinks     *Light Weight Straps *Light Weight Moccasins      *Pillows    *Purses     *Shoes      *Table Runner     *Tablet Sleeves *Upholstery Vest     *Watch Bands     *Wrist Bands… and much more.

**Pictures may differ to reflect more of products details, but the first picture is the best representation of the item.

 Note: Hide may be shipped rolled or folded depending on its stiffness (“Firm” and “Stiff” full hides will ship rolled). Will ship within 3 business days of receiving cleared payment.

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